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Welcome to Hotel Mato of Skiathos. Come to see one of the most beautiful Greek islands, the Emerald of the Aegean, Skiathos. Come to spend carefree days and nights in Skiathos, and enjoy the Greek hospitality in the quiet and warm family atmosphere of hotel "Mato." Hotel Mato of Skiathos is conveniently located in the neighborhood of "Panagia Limnia" above the beach of Plakes.

Because of its location, Hotel Mato of Skiathos guests have at their disposal many restaurants, bars, shops, and local daily cruise boats, with which they can visit the beaches of Skiathos. Additionally, in the nearby parking, guests can park their cars.

Through our site, you can find full details about Hotel Mato of Skiathos, its surroundings, and book your hotel room of choice and a number of additional value-added services.

Mato Skiathos Hotel

Offers a unique venue for truly relaxing and pleasurable stays.

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